Address Level Digital Delivery

Reach Your Targets At Street Address Accuracy


Address Level Targeting

Unique technology that turns physical address into IP address, the numbering system used to identify internet location. 

Mobile Pursuit

Mobile devices from the location you target are followed outside the home both nationally and internationally

Specialty Applications

Location based messaging delivery 

To The Home

Target individual households by street address without delivering to the next-door neighbor. The most accurate targeting in the industry

Venue History

Select commercial locations including conference locations, sports venues, retail stores and others with ability to include past user history at a location. 

Digital Canvassing

Target a geographic area by zip code or select street by street for coverage across communities. Great for opening a local business or political campaigns. 

Mover Target

Using a combination of dozens of online and offline sources data to target new movers or those soon to move.

There are three options distinct options to choose from


Homes Just Listed For Sale

In Escrow

Homes Sold, Owner Not Yet Moved

Post Mover

New Resident Just Moved In

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“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

Solution: Only Lead thirsty horses

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Site Visitor

Mid-Funnel Conversion
Identify Website Visitors
Deterministic Identity Resolution

In Market

Top of Funnel Acquisition
Identify Active Buyers
Behavioral Buying Indicators

Omni-Channel Outreach

Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-Threaded Messaging
Diversified Outreach Strategy

Address Level
Digital Delivery

Digital Outreach by Physical Address
Specialty Targeting
IP Address Targeting