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Data Driven

A modern brand, plan and execute program for your small business

Everything You Need To Touch What Your Reach For

Brand Design & Strategy

Craft the message that tells the story of who you are

Web Design

The digital ecosystem where your elements thrive & evolve

Audience Analytics

Discover your audience, what they are listening to and why


Aligning your digital ecosystem to enable being discovered

Social Media

Promote and engage to earn traffic and build your audience

Media Production

Create the building blocks for content that engages

Content Creation

Craft the building blocks into bridges to new customers

Direct Marketing

Speak directly to your customers to deliver the value you provide

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Skip Sticker Shock!

Our services were built to exclusively service small business at the starting line or already out of the block. We work with business owners based on the scope of your vision, not the size of your checkbook. 

Success Stories

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As a long time journalist, but never a publisher, I’ve never dealt with hosting, design, lead generation, advertising or any of the infrastructure to make ut happen. Compelytics pulled together everything I needed to launch and is an integral part of our growing market share. 

Patrick Sargent

Founder, Editor, This Week in Worcester

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Compelytics shares our vision for what the station can become in our community. After our website they helped us build our promotional engine and social strategy that drives new traffic and new listeners to our programming every day. Their team is part of ours.  

Ernie Floyd

Founder & Executive Producer, Unity Radio MA

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When I bought this business I inherited a website I didn’t like along with and absurd maintenance fees from a well-known brand that would take weeks to make changes. Now I have the site I want and the service I need at a cost that makes sense for my budget.

Tony Branczyk

Owner, Bay State Vapor

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