Omni-Channel Campaign Management 

Outreach, Advertising & Marketing Campaign Management

Advertising, social marketing and direct contact campaigns done for you

What Is Omni-Channel?

Multi-Channel Reach

Reaching audiences across the digital destinations they visit

Multi-Threaded Messaging

Diversified messaging for
multi-point engagement

Multi-Device Delivery

Delivery to individuals across any number of devices they use

Enable Multi-Device Delivery With our Customer Data Insight Products

Convert Existing Traffic
Mid-Funnel Insights
Enable Omni-Channel

Attract New Traffic
Add To Top of Funnel
Enable Omni-Channel

Enabled Channels

Multi-channel enables diversity in the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Currently available options of channels include:

Social Media Advertising

Digital Video & TV

Digital Radio


Direct Contact

*Direct mail coming soon*

The Power of Omni-Channel

Leverage multiple outreach channels with inbound and outbound strategies. Deliver across multiple user devices and reach your next customer at the right time. 

Advertising Networks

banner ad

Social Media Advertising

Digital Video & TV

Digital Radio

Gaming Networks


Direct Contact


*Direct mail coming soon*

Multi-Threaded Messaging


Using a diversity of messaging across channels

Multi-threaded messaging enables diversity in the ability to deliver the right message at the right time.
Using these opportunities to present an intertwined and broader messaging approach increases probability of success.

Enabling Omni-Channel

Omni-Channel is the enabling of true one-to-one marketing by incorporating multiple devices of users into a multi-channel approach.
This means that users can be reached on any number of devices they use across all channels being utilized.

Our data insight products enable this capability by collecting advanced data and resolving the identity of users.

See Site Visitor for enabling Omni-Channel for visitors to your website.

See In Market Insights for enabling discovery of new prospects from across a range of external digital sources

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Solution: Only Lead thirsty horses

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Site Visitor

Mid-Funnel Conversion
Identify Website Visitors
Deterministic Identity Resolution

In Market

Top of Funnel Acquisition
Identify Active Buyers
Behavioral Buying Indicators

Omni-Channel Outreach

Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-Threaded Messaging
Diversified Outreach Strategy

Address Level
Digital Delivery

Digital Outreach by Physical Address
Specialty Targeting
IP Address Targeting