Digital Targeting As Accurate As The Post Office

Reach Your Targets At Street Address Accuracy With Direct Destination

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Targeting Physical Location

When targeting physical location, digital targeting has traditionally been a challenge. There has been innovation in concepts like geo-fencing, which can reach people accurately over about 700 feet of area, but relies on GPS location which can be unreliable in larger buildings. 

With Direct Destination targeting is done by street address, delivering to individual routers at the IP address level and individual devices. This highly calibrated product is much different than our Site ID options and have different ideal uses. 

Our Technology

Address Level Targeting

Using online and offliine sources

with the help of a patented algorithm to translate physical address into IP address

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Post Office Accuracy

Mobile Device Follow

Follow Mobile Devices

outside the original target address at work, on the road and more  even when travelling

mobile devices

Across The World

Machine Learning

Specialty Products

Canvas an area, connect with new movers or target past mobile history at a location for new

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Ways To Increase Reach

Direct Destination

The Smart Target line of products is all built on the IP targeting technology that delivers your message based to the networking device at the physical location of your target. We deliver what you pay for with 95% certainty to the location you want it delivered to or we do not send it. 

 There is no waste of your budget to automatic or “bot” traffic, no delivery to even the neighbor of you target destination. 

Home Target

Take your hard mailing list, CRM data or use a data vendor and target people in their homes with precision accuracy for

Digital As Accurate As Postal Mail With Direct Destination 1

No Wasted Spend

Venue Target

Ideal for targeting conferences, events and other locations. With the Venue Rewind feature, you can even access a location’s

Digital As Accurate As Postal Mail With Direct Destination 2

Mobile Device History

Digital Canvass

allows you to target a geographic area by zip code and street by street for local campaigns and for political campaigns to
Digital As Accurate As Postal Mail With Direct Destination 3

Dominate Locally

Mover Target

Through a combination of dozens of both online and offline sources data is gathered on homeowners who are about to or have just moved.

Mover Target is a specialized product for household goods movers and other businesses who aim to reach people in the moving process. 

There are three different types of people in the Mover Target queues. 

Pre Mover


Homes Just Listed For Sale

In Escrow


Home Sold, Not Moved

Post Mover


Just Moved In


Lead Generation and Nurture Campaign Support

Support your Site ID or In Market Leads purchase with managed campaigns designed to drive prospects to your
site and nurture campaigns to convert leads to buyers. Some of the strategic methods implemented include:

Digital As Accurate As Postal Mail With Direct Destination 4

Multi-Platform Targeting

Reaching more than 97% of available inventor, your messages reaches users where they go

Assets & Infrastructure

Full design services for ads, landing pages, websites, creative assets, content, hosting and more

Behavior & Analytics

Observe user behavior, page views, clicks, scrolls along with full analytics reporting.

You can lead a horse to water… figure out what makes it thirsty on the way.


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